Our Clients

Innovation is the foundation of a unique corporate story and the cornerstone of your social enterprise, building credibility, value and leadership. energi PR helps share that story, and shine a light on your passion for making a difference.

Putting the limelight on you

We do our best work when we are passionate about what we do and who we do it with. energi PR is passionate about and specialized in health and wellness in the broadest sense. We work with the most sought after medical and consumer health, wellness, beauty, packaged goods and lifestyle brands.

We navigate the waters of high science pharmaceuticals, market access, reimbursement and stakeholder research; we help guide pharmaceutical manufacturers, professional organizations, medical device companies as well as alternative health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

We catapult consumer brands that promote a healthy lifestyle, offer pleasure and a sense of comfort and well-being or takes you to a special, life enriching travel destination.

It sounds like two solitudes, but it's not. Our passion is telling stories about things that make people feel better, whether it's a novel therapy, an incredible vacation or a relaxing cup of coffee.  We know the differences between patients, consumers and healthcare professionals; how they think; what they want and need; and how to speak to them. It takes precision and creativity to give people new ideas to believe in.