Corporate Culture: From surviving to thriving

Corporate Culture: From surviving to thriving

Whether you work in a 500 person multi-national firm or a privately-owned boutique agency, being employed does not guarantee happiness. In fact, being employed simply means you (hopefully) have means to pay the bills. Here are four other factors which contribute to your feelings in the workplace:


·         Your employer: Whether they’re ruthless and cold like Meryl Streep’s villainess, Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, or a clueless, but well-intentioned oddball, like Michael Scott from The Office, the personality and behaviours of your superiors can directly impact your office well-being.  An ideal boss demonstrates a healthy balance of professionalism and personality, taking the time to know their employees, but still offering the support and expertise required from senior staff.

·         Social activities: Yes, you come into the office to get work done, but we’re still inherently social creatures. Having time in your day to chat and bond with colleagues is key to a happy office. Whether it’s a beer cart (an energi favourite), catered lunch or rooftop tanning. Not only does it get you away from your desk, but it helps you grow as a team. Without this, you might never have learned that the guy three desks down was also an avid cat lover, aka your spirit animal.

·         Flexibility & trust: As we get older, and I’m not saying I’m one of these people, we often have lives outside of work that include more than all-you-can-eat sushi and Rom-Com movie nights. Think children, spouses and large dogs. These all require a great deal of work and effort and sometimes it can overlap with your traditional working hours. This is where flexibility comes in. Knowing that you’re trusted to meet any deadlines or compensate for time missed is a hugely underrated quality in a company.

·         Growth & support: No one wants to stay stagnant in their careers. It’s like when a river dries up or winter weather sets in, it’s just depressing. Employers that help their teams grow are highly sought after in today’s workplace. Continuing education programs and ongoing training can help retain employees while also demonstrating a commitment to their well-being and careers.


As you can see, the ongoing pursuit of happiness in the workplace requires a commitment from both parties, but the rewards are well worth it.