Holiday Edition: What Would You Do?

Holiday Edition: What Would You Do?

The holidays are a happy time to eat, drink and be merry. But that doesn’t mean they're always crisis-free. If you've ever wondered how we could help you diffuse a tricky situation, check out our seasonal scenarios below!


Animal rights activists protest at the North Pole 


Situation: Santa is gearing up for his global holiday delivery when he gets wind that animal rights activists plan to descend on the North Pole to protest the grueling work schedule that Rudolf and the reindeers will be subjected to. In addition to the overtime, protesters are fearful that the animals won’t have the proper rest and diet while making their way to foreign countries.


Solution: energi PR counselled Santa on how to communicate his key messages, but emphasized the importance of engaging with the reindeers on their concerns. With herd leader Rudolf on board, a joint statement was tweeted to assure all that the reindeers were thrilled to have a job that brought them such joy. energi PR reached out to their Public Relations Global Network colleagues in fifty offices around the world, to set up hospitality suites so that Santa and the reindeers would be well fed and rested.


energi PR’s service offerings: Reputation / Issues Management, Media Relations, Strategic Partnerships, Social media.

Santa's naughty and nice list leaked online


Situation: Santa’s legendary list of those who are naughty and nice contains trillions of entries full of personal information, including birth dates, home addresses and personal preferences. Despite his impeccable star-power, Santa was not immune to scrooge-like hackers who broke into his computer. Would anyone ever trust Santa again? Would there be a class action lawsuit demanding compensation? The outrage was palpable. 


Solution: energi PR was quick to call in its team of data breach experts comprised of litigators, security, IT and insurance firms. Working together, the team assisted Santa in the timely management of the communications issues, in collaboration with his legal counsel. With energi PR’s expertise in data breach communication, Santa learned about insurance coverage that would protect him going forward.


energi PR’s service offerings: Data breach communications, reputation management, media relations, communications procedures development and training.


Angry outburst caught on video 


Situation: Mrs. Claus is known to be high strung over the holidays and she has good reason to be. Always worried about Santa’s expanding girth, she is also anxious about deadlines to fill the childrens’ holiday wishes, making travel plans and being left alone December 25th. Every once and a while she has been caught losing her cool and lashing out at the elves. This year her rant was filmed and has been trending on social media.


Solution: energi PR was called in to minimize the fall out. Santa wanted to be supportive of his wife, but as a public figure held to a higher standard, it would be damaging for him to condone such bad behavior. The recommendation was for Mrs. Claus to issue an apology on her Facebook page where she was remorseful about her actions, but went on to admit that managing her anger is a chronic problem for which she is now seeking professional support. energi PR counselled Mr. Claus to recognize his wife’s courage in publicly admitting her problem and becoming a vocal spokesperson on the incidence of emotional and physical abuse around the world. 


energi PR’s service offerings: Healthcare Public Relations, online media monitoring, corporate and social responsibility.


Travel advisories delay Santa's international flights 


Situation: Days before December 24th, air traffic authorities issued a worldwide travel alert fearing ISIS might target Santa, putting him and holiday travelers at increased risk. The travel industry, including air carriers, destinations and tour operators, among others, count on the holiday period to keep their businesses afloat and massive cancellations would result in economic disaster.


Solution: energi PR consulted with Santa Claus on potential strategies. Does Santa not succumb to the threat? What would happen if his courage put others in danger? If he cancelled his plans, would he give in to terror? energi PR mapped out risks and benefits to arrive at a solution that would demonstrate Santa’s resolve, but equally serve to protect the public.


energi PR’s service offerings: Specialization in travel PR, including crisis communications, strategic planning, issues management, corporate positioning.


Ebenezer Scrooge seeks reputation management counsel


Situation: Scrooge has been at the centre of a public inquiry into corruption in the construction industry. Prosecutors have offered him a plea bargain for providing evidence that could help take down a consortium of businesspeople, including the present city administration. Despite the fact that Scrooge’s track record has not won him any sympathy, his cooperation could potentially spell justice for those who got bilked. Scrooge is grappling with doing the right thing.


Solution: energi PR was not afraid to tell Scrooge the cold hard truth. Because he spent his life taking advantage of others, he is void of any reputational equity. A one-shot effort to do the right thing is a positive step, but the experts cautioned that he should manage his expectations when it comes to winning the people’s admiration. energi advised him that staying the course of giving back to others over the long haul would slowly help him change his reputation.


energi PR’s service offerings: Strategic counsel, Reputation Management, Media Relations.


Holiday musical spoofs


Situation: Adam Sandler’s appearance on SNL helped add prominence to the festival of Chanukah through a weakly rhymed song called Happy Chanukah, Monica. For most people it was nothing more than a comedic spoof, until he got it in his mind to lobby for a Grammy nomination.


Solution: As AOR for the Grammies we were challenged with how to advise our client. Discrediting the song as not worthy of a Grammy, would likely insult thousands, maybe millions of individuals who celebrate the holiday of Chanukah. On the other hand, the song, not to mention the artist, was not of Grammy nomination caliber. What began as a joke had morphed into a cause célèbre with late night TV hosts and Sandler himself having a field day. energi PR recommended a meeting between Adam Sandler and the Grammy organization to explore a win-win solution. To Sandler, it meant having his song performed at the awards ceremony. To the Grammy’s it meant him withdrawing the nomination. The compromise energi negotiated was having Chanukah Menorahs included in all of the gift bags along with Sandler’s rendition of the song. In the show’s opening Neil Patrick Harris sang the song, which was live streamed online and trending on social media.


energi PR’s service offerings: Special events, promotions, social media.