What is PR?

What is PR? Well... let’s begin by explaining what it’s not!  It’s not a party planning service.  We don’t do weddings or bar mitzvahs or blow up balloons. It’s also the farthest place from Hollywood that you’ll ever visit. There is no glitz or glamour or pomp or splendour.  And it’s not about “spin” – I detest that word.  You want spin, watch the Exorcist.


Public relations is an integral, if not the most critical part, of the overall marketing mix. Especially in a day and age of strict corporate governance where every company, its principals, products, processes and actions are under potential scrutiny. PR sits in the C-suite, at the board room table with high ranking decision makers.  We are extensions of our clients.  We understand their business, the competitive environment within which they live and operate, and we understand their goals and objectives from a sales, marketing and global branding perspective.  Upon which we build and execute a strategic and comprehensive communications strategy that will support them in achieving those goals and objectives. We are embedded. We know what keeps our clients up at night. We are strategists, advocates, counselors and confidants. We are insightful, intuitive and analytical.  We are thought leaders and thought generators – some might say provokers – that’s ok too. 


And so if you like people, love partying and just all around like to have a good time, you’d best reconsider PR as a career. It’s not for the faint of heart or the thin skinned. It’s 24/7, high pressure, high anxiety, and you can’t leave it behind at the office.  I wouldn’t be anything else!