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Research and Analytic Services

Shaping strategy and transforming insights into outcomes begins from a place of deep understanding. Knowledge of your audiences, competitors, issues and obstacles helps bring to light opportunities with the potential to generate maximum impact. That’s where research and analytic services comes into play. 

Targeted and cost-effective research is the starting point while ongoing measurement and analysis ensures we are able to course correct in real-time to achieve solid return on investment. From survey design to data collection, web-based polling and focus groups, for over three decades energi PR has been creating, identifying, disseminating, and evaluating data to drive results. Contact us to learn more about our research and analytic services.  

our clients and partners say it best.

“energi PR is one of the strongest communications agencies in Canada. Starting with their approach, which is built around insights and based in strategy. Layer on their knowledge of the industry areas in which they practice including, but not limited to, consumer lifestyle, consumer healthcare and medical. Add to that their devotion to client service and satisfaction. But the cherry on the top is their leadership, co-founders Carol Levine and Esther Buchsbaum, true PR leaders whom I’ve known and admired for years.”

Ken Jacobs
Owner/Principal, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching

We use our energi to listen.

Listening is the precursor to laser-focused communications. Connect with us today.