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ree’ -im-burs-og-ruh-fee

By Carol Levine, CEO

energi PR is excited to announce that today, Canada’s contribution to Reimbursography, GLOBALHealthPR’s (GHPR) country-specific pharma market access insights, has been published. This overview of market access and value communications considerations in Canada complements those of our GHPR partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Check them out here.

Today, new products can’t make it on a safety and efficacy story alone. You need insight into payer environments and a keen sense of market priorities to demonstrate the power of your innovation. GHPR has designed Reimbursography to do just that – working with your clinical development team early on, to build a potent value story leading to reimbursement success.

What exactly is Reimbursography? It’s a global strategic communications programme that leverages GLOBALHealthPR’s country-specific Pharma market access insights to shape the value context for brands leading to reimbursement success. With a deep-understanding of in-market priorities and the right strategic approach, Reimbursography creates a surround-sound for a brand within the treatment paradigm to drive understanding among key stakeholders.

GLOBALHealthPR is the largest independent health and science communications agency partnership worldwide. We’re market-leading healthcare PR agencies working together and our work is rooted in deep understanding of local markets, where we are connected to our clients, our industry and to our regions.

GLOBALHealthPR covers 42 countries worldwide, and is led by Jonathan Wilson in the United States along with partners from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regional hubs. Kinship and collaboration are the foundation of our partnership. Our global reach broadens your perspective, while our country-specific experience provides a thoughtful, culturally relevant approach to your communications strategy.