Energi PR Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

Independent-owned agency Energi PR has been making multi-national level impacts in the health, lifestyle, and medical science industries. Committed to communicating the unique stories of their clients, energi PR utilizes their own experiences to cultivate a lasting impression and improve their target audiences’ lives.

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Connections…During Covid

Covid-19 has had a big impact on the way we connect with those around us. Whether married, partnered or single, social distancing has affected us all. In our latest energi Talks webinar, we invited Maureen McGrath, RN, one of Canada’s foremost experts on relationships, to talk to us about Connections During Covid and ways to navigate the issues and challenges we are all experiencing in our interactions with others during this time of isolation.

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Travel 2.0: How Do We Get There From Here Post Pandemic?

Taylor L. Cole Longacre has spent more than 14 years leading public relations and marketing for global brands like Hotels.com, ID90 Travel, Sabre, Expedia Group, and Kimberly Clark. She’s the host of the global travel show, Hotel Hunt on Amazon Prime Video, and the hotel expert for the Canadian syndicated radio program and podcast, the Informed Traveler.

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Lessons From The Pandemic: Implications For Recovery and Business 2.0

These are unprecedented times where we are being challenged to sustain our operations, our clients, our staff, ourselves and our loved ones through a global pandemic. In an effort to support our colleagues and stakeholders through this difficult time, energi PR has launched a new webinar series inviting experts in their respective fields to provide their perspectives on how best to manage through this crisis. Our first guest was Steve Courmanopoulos PhD and CEO of Medius International. Medius works with global clients to leverage the latest evidence-based Psychology to help them navigate through challenging times. We asked Steve to provide some insights into what may await businesses as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.